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Now the time to say something about my self….I have started my career from Bangalore as a 3D modeling artist after moving from home town,Kolkata,on 2005,Being an employ of a small organization ,I used to be engage with each an every part of in house production related to graphics.That was the time when I actually learned every part of 3D. After spent one and half year in Bangalore I joined in another animation studio ,Mumbai.Although I worked for them only for eight month.after leaving from there I joined my current work place where I am working since 4 years ..I always try to update my self as a good 3D artist and I am very much lucky that I always surrounding talented people.

Fro any suggestion,comments or resume you ou can mail me at:

Call me:+91-9860110646

Skype: laltu.dey



  1. I want to work like you Sir, Could it be possible. My phone +855 16 722 725. Thank you Sir.

  2. very nice works .

    god bls u

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